Rainbow Moonstone Tumbles
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbles
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbles
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbles

Rainbow Moonstone Tumbles

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Rainbow Moonstone - The stone of Feminine Goddess Energy

Of the feldspar family. 

Contains inclusions of tourmaline and specks of aquamarine.

Brilliant flashes of blue. 

Opens the heart chakra to receive loving white healing energies that flow through us to the core of our being. 

Said to stimulate confidence, and enhances the positive attributes of creativity and self expression.  Helps balance aggressive emotional states, by soothing and relieving stress. 

Crown Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Calming Vibration 

Mohs Hardness Scale 5-6

International Gem Society Toxicity - None Known


Each stone weighs approx 11g.

Size, color and shape may vary.

Stones sold individually.


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