Prehnite Sphere
Prehnite Sphere
Prehnite Sphere
Prehnite Sphere

Prehnite Sphere

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Do you have digestion problems?  Stomach aches?  Do you suffer from low self-esteem?  Maybe you haven't found your purpose or you're feeling like life is happening around you. Like you are not the one in control?  You may have a blocked solar plexus. 

When your solar plexus is in balance your have confidence in your work in this life, you feel in control of your path and where you are going; why your are going there. If our solar plexus is blocked we can struggle with moving intentionally in the direction that our hearts speak softly to. 

Working with prehnite may help you align your heart chakra with your solar plexus and release blockages that hold you back from connecting with your purpose.

Connects the heart with the solar plexus.

Enhances Motivation.

Bridge between heart and mind.

Use as a meditation stone for manifesting your dreams.

To use prehnite, place the stone on your naval.  Repeat affirmations of self love and purpose.  These can sound like "a have purpose" "my heart knows the way" "I am worthy" "i am enough" "i can do great things" "I am safe to express my self" "I am in control of my life" "I can do and choose as I please"

You can repeat all of these mantras or just one, make your own, or whatever you like. 

Prehnite works to connect your heart with your solar plexus to help you with self esteem and believing you have a purpose in on this plane.  Think of any affirmations or mantras  that support how you want to think or feel and manifest them into reality.

Practice breathing techniques while your ease into meditation.  When your thoughts drift come back to your mantra.  Repeat as often as needed.

Prehnite is a stone for Libra

463 g

The powers of crystals and stones are never a substitute for medical advice.  If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional. 

Mystik Bliss  is not liable for any injury or damages arising from, or in connection with the misuse of crystals. Do not ingest crystals, minerals, or gem elixirs without first consulting a licensed physician.





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