Astrology For the Cosmic Soul

Astrology For the Cosmic Soul

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  Explore your zodiac sign with the modern wit and style of The Pulp Girls, a dynamic duo dedicated to creating inclusive pulp art memes centering female empowerment.

Astrology can provide a sense of recognition, a way of examining relationships, or even just a distraction from the uncertainty of real life. Filled with
 fun, pulp art–style illustrations,
Astrology for the Cosmic Soul shows you how to find your own birth chart and the different celestial placements in it.

After a review of astrology basics, The Pulp Girls 
break down each of the twelve sun signs of the zodiac with practical uses and just-for-fun facts like:

  • Self-care tips
  • Lucky charms
  • Best crystals for the signs
  • Affirmations for the signs
  • The signs and their late-night thoughts
  • Two truths and a lie about the signs
  • The signs as types of witches

Everything you need to become more in tune and take control of your life lies within yourself, and Astrology for the Cosmic Soul will help you discover it.



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