Assorted Puffy Hearts
Assorted Puffy Hearts
Assorted Puffy Hearts
Assorted Puffy Hearts
Assorted Puffy Hearts
Assorted Puffy Hearts
Assorted Puffy Hearts
Assorted Puffy Hearts
Assorted Puffy Hearts
Assorted Puffy Hearts

Assorted Puffy Hearts

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Rose Quartz - The Stone of Universal Love 

Purifies and opens the heart.

Promotes love, self love, and friendships.

Restores trust and harmony in relationships.

Provides calming feelings of deep inner peace.

Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance, self trust and self worth. 

Encourages unconditional love.

Heart Chakra


Obsidian, not actually a gemstone, but rather volcanic glass. It comes from the rapid cooling of felsic lava.

Obsidian brings to its wearer the energy of Earth, and it is grounding. 

All Obsidians are talismans which offer strong shield against any negativity. 

It develops intuition, insight and ability to foresee future events.

Obsidian protects from "evil eye", sorcery, damnations and other magic.


Clear Quartz- The Master Healer

Amplifies Other Crystals.

Absorbs Negative Energy, Releases Positive Energy.

Aids With Clarity, Concentration, Memory & Balance.

One of the Crystals pictured will be hand selected for you. 

Crown Chakra / All Chakras


Although it is man made synthetic glass Opalite carries the spirit of youth.

Symbolizes clear thinking and New beginnings.

Helps to form lasting romantic bonds.

Promotes feelings of childlike bliss.

Helps to alleviate depression.

Soothes nerves.

Aids in Separation From anxiety.

Brings inner peace and calm to any situation.

Zodiac: Cancer


Lepidolite - The Stone Of Transition

Aids in the release of old behavioural and psychological patterns.

Gently induces change. 

Brings deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress and depression. 

Clear any blockages from the Heart Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra thus enabling divine connection and cosmic awareness.

Helps strengthen our sense of inner wisdom, intuition, trust, capability for love, and ability to see what the universe wants from us

Aids in overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency and addictions. 

Encourages independence and self love and trust. 

Wonderful stone for shadow work.

Zodiac- Libra  



Dispeller of negativity.

Clears emotional and metaphysical blockages.

Helps prevent bad dreams

Use for creative thinking, spiritual cleansing and development.

Crown Chakra.


Bloodstone Heart- The Stone Of Courage

Heightens intuition and increases creativity

Grounding and protective

Gives courage, encourages selflessness and idealism

Assists in acting in the present moment

Stimulates dreaming, calms and revitalizes the mind, dispels confusion and enhances decision-making

Assists in adjusting to change

Reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience

Ideal for anaemia, Bloodstone purifies and fortifies the blood 


Carnelian- The Stone of Creativity

Helps with vitality and motivation.

Stimulates creativity.

Promotes courage.

Helps with trusting your intuition and perceptional views.


Moss Agate -The stone of new beginnings. 

Refreshes the soul and enables you to see beauty in all you behold. 

Moss Agate reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants. 

It attracts abundance in wealth and improves self-esteem. 

Develops strength and the ability to get along with others. 

Inspires new ideals after periods of creative blocks. 

Moss Agate promotes self-expression and communication. 

Balances the emotions, releasing fear and stress. 

Encourages trust and hope. 

It helps with depression caused by brain imbalances.



Size, color and shape may vary.

Stones sold individually.

The powers of crystals and stones are never a substitute for medical advice.  If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional. 



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