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10-Minute Crystal Ball: Easy Tips for Developing Your Inner Wisdom and Psychic Powers

by Skye Alexander


What does it mean to be psychic? Is there another "reality" beyond the visible world? Psychic powers are as natural as any other ability, and they can be developed just like any other skill. The 400-plus tips and tricks in 10-Minute Crystal Ball will help you expand your ability to see into the future, understand yourself and other people better, and create your own reality.
Sharpen your intuition and divination powers with techniques that can be performed in minutes:
  • Use tarot cards to understand meaningful messages
  • Learn which stone to carry to attract love and contentment
  • Interpret dream symbols and their significance
  • Analyze a friend’s handwriting to determine his secrets

Say goodbye to expensive psychic readings. 10-Minute Crystal Ball will teach you all the tricks of the trade—allowing you to open new doors and explore fresh opportunities as you uncover the wisdom you never knew you possessed.

 From the Publisher

How to Use This Book

10-Minute Crystal Ball is designed for practical, busy people who want to improve their psychic skills and use them more effectively in their daily lives. Most of the tips and exercises in Part Two can be done in ten minutes or less, and I recommend practicing at least some of them on a regular basis. Psychic ability is like any other skill—the more you use it, the sharper it becomes. If you aren’t interested in learning the basics about psychic powers or how they operate, go directly to this section and get started. For those of you who are curious about the philosophy and methodology behind the results, Part One covers the fundamentals of psychic phenomena without getting too technical or mystical. This section also explains some of the tools employed by seers, magicians, and other “frequent fliers” in the psychic realm.

10-Minute Crystal Ball - Part One


Actually, we all possess psychic ability. Hunch, gut feeling, intuition— these are words we use to describe an inner guidance that surfaces in our everyday waking consciousness and slips us information we couldn’t have gotten through the usual sensory channels. Many police officers and nurses are familiar with this sort of “inner knowing”—their own lives or the lives entrusted to them may depend on these professionals paying attention to their intuition. Some successful investors rely not only on practical data but also on their “feelings” about particular stocks. And mothers often display an uncanny knowledge of circumstances their children face, particularly with regard to matters of health and safety.


The mind is like an iceberg—only the tip is revealed. Scientists acknowledge that we use only a fraction of the brain in daily life, so what’s the rest doing? Although nobody knows the answer to that question, one thing is certain: We have far more potential than we utilize. The brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left and right. Psychic activity is associated with the right side of the brain—the part that’s linked with creativity and visual imagery. The left brain governs our everyday, analytical thought processes and language skills. Simply stated, intuition arises from the right hemisphere, intellect from the left. The temporal lobe, which deals with both visual and auditory functioning as well as memory formation and emotional expression, also plays a role in psychic processes.


For thousands of years, wise men and women have sought guidance from oracles such as the I Ching, tarot, runes, and astrology. Oracles are tools that help us tap in to our own inner guidance and connect with other realms of consciousness. They bridge the gap between the known and the unknown. Oracles, divination tools, and metaphysical arts such as astrology and numerology expand our awareness in many ways. They enable us to gain insight into other people, see what’s going on below the surface in perplexing situations, and get information about the future. Using these systems and devices also strengthens our intuitive ability.


Intuitive impulses may come as thoughts, visions, sounds, body sensations, or emotions—each of us experiences intuition differently. Practicing the simple techniques in this chapter on a regular basis will help you strengthen your intuitive powers. You don’t have to do all of them—experiment, then choose the ones that work best for you. Most of these exercises can be performed in ten minutes or less, but don’t expect immediate results. Intuition is like any other ability—the more you use it, the sharper it will become.


Employing divination tools—astrology, runes, tarot cards, pendulums, and so on—is an ancient and time-honored practice. Many of the techniques discussed in this chapter involve the use of an oracle to predict upcoming events. I suggest you try more than one oracle—each has a slightly different way of communicating information, and you may simply like one form better than another. (In Chapter 3, I discuss these methods in greater detail.) The techniques in this chapter fall into two general categories. Some strengthen your receptive and perceptive skills to help you see what lies ahead. Others improve your projective abilities so you can influence the course of future events.


The techniques in this chapter require the participation of at least one other person. Although you can have fun doing them, they are not parlor games. Exercises in the first section are designed to help you and a partner (or group) strengthen your mind-reading and projective powers. The second section offers tips for gaining instant insight into the people you know—their character traits, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, even secrets you might not have discovered otherwise. As you work with these techniques, you’ll discover that your “mental muscles” grow stronger. I recommend that you try them all, for the various exercises target different areas of your mind, just as different Nautilus machines tone various parts of your body. After a while, you may find that some of the techniques are of more use to you than are others and opt to eliminate the less effective ones.


Divination tools, including tarot cards, runes, the I Ching, and the pendulum, serve as catalysts to problem solving. They connect us with our own subconscious minds and provide a road map to the unseen realms where higher knowledge awaits us. Prayer, meditation, chanting, and other practices provide non rational means for gaining assistance from sources outside our ordinary mental functioning. The techniques in this chapter are designed to help you use your ESP to dip into that bottomless well of wisdom for the answers to problems both large and small.




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